Unlock over 2,000 years of Chinese history with one of the most popular teas – Puerh. Sun-dried and rolled, its raw vegetal flavour adds plenty of earthy texture and bold musky aroma to the infusion. Meticulously fermented and aged, the tea leaves brew into a delighting and refreshing brown hue that revives your spirit with every sip.


Tasting Notes:
Earthy characteristic with a bold, musky aroma

Time of the day:
Afternoon, Evening

Best paired with:
Earthy mushrooms, chicken, fried foods, strawberries


Pouring boiling water to wash and pre-warm the teapot, tea filter, serving pitcher and teacups. The purpose is to keep the tea sets clean and make the teapot keep warm so that the tea leaves easily to brew its origin essence.

Put the tea into the Yixing teapot and pour boiling water, it doesn‟t need too much water this time, just cover the tea leaves. The rinse step can help washing and waking up your tea leaves. The rinsing time should be only 2 to 3 seconds. Second Rinse Ripe Pu-erh Tea usually needs to be rinsed two times because it has a piling process. Raw Pu-erh tea only to be rinsed one time. After that, you can discard the water which is not for drink

Now it’s time to brew the Pu-erh Tea. Pour boiling water full of the teapot and then brush away the bubbles floating in the water with the lid of the teapot. Pour water on the lid of the teapot to keep the temperature of the teapot.

After 10-20 seconds when the water on the lid is dry you can pour out the tea for drinking. Usually Pu-erh tea can brewed more than ten infusions, higher quality tea more infusions. The following infusions should add more 5-10 seconds brewing time.


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100 gms – Pack, 25 gms Sample, 40 gms THT Black Collector’s Caddy, 40 gms THT Gold Collector’s Caddy, 50 gms – Pack, 250 gms – Pack, 500 gms – Pack


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