Understanding Tea Flavourings & Pairings

Macaroon, biscuits or chocolates? Pairing food that complements your perfect cup of tea can be a task to reckon with.

Harmonizing the right food with the right tea is simply an art of understanding humble and exotic ingredients and how they will enrich the flavour of that warm cup of tea.

Black Tea with rich flavours
Smoky, earthy, full-bodied and robust: black tea has a very distinct and peculiar flavour that can work well with various foods. The thumb rule to follow while pairing black tea is to match its strong and full flavour with a heavy dish. Our sweet and citrusy Blood Orange Tea easily marries the denseness of a cheesecake. While the classic and old-fashioned Earl Grey can be sipped along with spicy meats. And if you are a fan of the finest and most aromatic Ceylon black tea- Dimbula then pair it with seafood delicately flavoured with mild spices.

Green Tea with chicken and seafood
While thinking of green tea, simmer down a heavy, hearty meal with its earthy, light texture and grassy flavour. Go by the principle of pairing Green Tea with chicken and seafood. Our Snowy Shan’s strong and tart flavour pairs brilliantly with juicy chicken dishes. Dumplings can make for a perfect match with our finest and most exquisite Jasmine Pearl while bits of soft brie cheese can be picked with grassy and strong toasty finish of our Dragon Well tea.

White Tea with lightly flavoured foods
The rare white tea with its subtle flavours must be paired with delicate and light food. These tea leaves are harvested at a younger age possessing natural sweetness. Our finest delicate Silver White Needle is a divine liquid with a smooth and luxurious texture that goes with its silky-sweet aftertaste. Grab a light salad with no dressing or a simple sandwich to nibble with its soft citrus undertones.

Oolong Tea with savoury flavours
Oolongs are known for its complex flavour and strong perfume. To match its floral undertones, serve lighter oolongs with salty savoury food seafood such as lightly done scallops, rich salmon or even a poached lobster. While darker oolong’s velvety smooth textures goes brilliantly well with smoked meat or meat-based appetizers. Keep a variety of salty and savoury appetizers and let your guests chose what’s best.

Herbal Tea with fruity desserts
A concoction of herbs, spices and tea leaves, herbal tea is as healthy and refreshing as it gets. The aromatic brew with hints of infused herbs pair up amazingly well with fruit-based desserts. Nibble on some pistachio cake or a delicious baklava. You can also pair it with a lemon tea cake at an afternoon tea party.

The House of Tea by Foodhall